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Convert PDF to PDF/A Online

You can effortlessly convert your regular PDF files to PDF/A format, ensuring long-term preservation and archiving of your documents. Our conversion service ensures that the PDF/A files retain the same visual appearance as the original PDF while adhering to the strict standards of PDF/A compliance. Simply upload your PDF files, and our service will handle the conversion process seamlessly, providing you with PDF/A files that are ready for secure, long-lasting document storage.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A online

It's as simple as 1-2-3 to add PDF/A information to your PDF files with our online PDF to PDF/A converter. Bulk conversion is also available.
  • 1
    Press on Choose Files or drag-and-drop the PDF document you want to convert to PDF/A and select the PDF/A subtype you want (PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-3b) before pressing Convert.
  • 2
    Click on Convert to PDF and our online PDF converter will convert your PDF document to PDF/A in seconds.
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    After the conversion is done, click on the Download PDF button to save the PDF/A file on your computer.

Main Features

Below are some of the main features our PDF to PDF/A online converter has to offer to make it easy for you to create PDF/A files for long-term preservation and archiving.

Bulk PDF to PDF/A Conversion

You can add PDF/A information in bulk to multiple PDF documents at once, saving time and effort. Upload all your PDF documents that need to be converted to PDF/A and process them as a batch.

Access from anywhere

Our online PDF to PDF/A converter is accessible from any device or platform, as long as you have an internet connection. Enjoy the flexibility of converting your PDFs to PDF/A format anytime and from any device, making it easier for you to ensure long-term preservation and compliance with archival standards.

Truly Free

Our online PDF to PDF/A converter is truly free. There's no registration required, no payment needed. Just upload your PDF documents and add PDF/A information with a tap of a button. Simple as that.

Document Security

All file transfers are done via SSL. Once the PDF documents are converted to files that have PDF/A information added, the original files are automatically removed from our servers.

Fast & Easy to Use

With our user-friendly process, all you need to do is upload your PDF document and click a button to convert it to a PDF that includes PDF/A information. It couldn't be simpler! There's no requirement for registration or any payment fees involved.

Remove PDF/A information

You can also remove PDF/A information from PDF files with our online converter. After you upload your PDF document, select from the drop-down "Remove PDF/A" and click on Convert. Our converter will remove the PDF/A information from the original PDF if that's included.

Our free online PDF tools

We develop several online PDF tools, from conversion of documents to PDF manipulation. All our online PDF tools are free to use!

Conversion FAQs

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